• 214156

    VIII Promotion. Opening ceremony.

    Opening ceremony of the “Master on Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence”. VIII Promotion.
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  • 12425

    Emergency Military Unit

    We signed a collaboration agreement with the Emergency Military Unit and the Ministry of Defense.
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  • 11112131

    Visit to AIRBUS facilities

    On October 20th 2016, a group of pupils of the Master on Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence, VII Promotion, visited the AIRBUS facilities in Getafe.
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  • 13425

    Travel to Morocco

    A delegation of the Foundation of Strategic and International Studies, completed a trip to Morocco in order to analyze the border area with Algeria.
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  • ciberseguridad-noticia-web

    Cybersecurity workshop

    The Cyber defense involves all the Internet users. Nevertheless, the personnel qualified to understand the problem and its aftereffects, is relatively scarce. In fact, the cybercrime feeds itself with “normal“ users that do not possess the knowledge adapted to face to these threats.
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  • Visit to the Spanish Embassy in Tunisia

    “The Embassy of Spain in Tunisia and the Spanish-Tunisian relations are framed in the first diplomatic network of a modern state: that of Fernando The Catholic in the Mediterranean that, between other things, was projected on Tunisia.
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  • tunez

    Visit to the Tunisian Foreign Affairs Ministry

    Visit to the Tunisian Foreign Affairs Ministry as part of the field trip to Tunisia by students of the Master’s VII promotion.
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