7 November, 2016


The cyber defense involves all the Internet users. Nevertheless, the personnel qualified to understand the problem and its impact is relatively scarce and more and more demanded in the security, defense and intelligence areas as well as at managerial level. It becomes essential to possess the knowledge adapted to face to these threats. The cyberterrorism, the cyber organized crime, the hacktivism or the commission of crimes in or from our public and private facilities, are real threats that can cause us enormous damages. It is necessary to understand the enemy, through intelligence gathering, as well as to assess what our weak points are and to establish a defense strategy that can allows us to counter the attacks that we may face .

The aim of this Master’s degree and the education in FESEI is to provide the students the necessary information, as well as the indispensable technical knowledge, to prepare an intelligence and defense strategy to counter the threats coming from Internet or those related to its local networks or personal devices.

It will be key to instill to the pupil a security awareness, regarding those devices that are network based, such as routers, Wi-Fi or computers, so the student can increase the security level in its institutional and managerial environment after having finished its education.