7 November, 2016


This matter addresses the persons’ movements back and forth, but not only at the level of the Spanish geopolitics but from a global point of view, trying to approach the deep problems that constitute its causes in the areas of origin and its consequences in the receiving countries. The phenomenon of the immigration is not new in history, but now, within the context of globalization, acquires a much more pronounced and visible appearance anywhere in the world. So, from the point of view of security and defense, the immigration confronts our western societies with new challenges to which we must give an answer: the cultural minorities insertion (or the rejection to the same ones), the extension of crime networks, the evaporation of the cultural barriers or the demolition of old social, political or economic institutions. At the end, we have to address with the pupils a very concrete aspect of the drama, and it is not other than the State’s own capability and that of the international organizations to manage such a drastic change in a little time. This way, along the Master Course we will explore the reasons that move millions human beings to leave its home lands in the direction of the West; we will study the networks of displacement, entry and persons’ exit, both legal and illegal, using the most up to date and authorized sources. We will analyze the phenomenon from a practical and critical perspective across classes in which the handling of sources, the debate and the analysis of the big geopolitical areas will put themselves to test the knowledge of the pupil on the current world. Finally, the future intelligence analyst will receive, thanks to the said practical lessons and the learned knowledge, an effective starting point for future analyses and intelligence reports.