José María Álvarez de Eulate Peñaranda

  • Economic expert on international taxation. Negotiation of Agreements of Double Imposition between Spain and diverse OECD countries. Treasury Department. Madrid.Professor of Economic theory, Complutense University. Madrid.Professor of International Economy, Complutense University. Madrid.Financial adviser in the Permanent Delegation of Spain before the OCDE. Paris, France.Executive Secretary of the Conference on the International Economic cooperation in representation of the industrialized western countries. Paris, France.Guest Professor of International Economy, University of Paris-Assas and in the Center of High Studies of Africa and Asia. You give birth. France.Assistant general director of Economic Studies. Treasury Department. Madrid.President of the Administrative and Financial Committee of the European Space Agency.Titular Professor of Economic policy, Complutense University. Madrid.Senator of the Kingdom of Spain.Deputy of the European Parliament. Strasbourg. Brussels. Spokesman of the European Democratic Group in the Commission of Regional Politics.Economic Adviser of the Minister. Treasury Department of the Kingdom of Spain. Preparation of the ECOFIN (Cabinet of Economy and Treasury Department of the European Union).Financial adviser, Embassy of Spain in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany.Professor of Spanish and World Economic Structure. University Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid.Professor of Economic policy. National university of Distance Education.The director of the Master’s degree of Foreign relations, Security and Intelligence. University Francisco de Vitoria.Diplomatic Career preparation, together with the Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry of the Kingdom of Spain.

    Academician, member of the Hispanic world Academy (Academia de la Hispanidad).

    Historian, belonging to the Spanish Association of Military Writers.

    Professor of International Economy. Master’s degree of Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence.

Other Professional Activities

It has represented Spain as a financial and economic expert of the Department of Economy and Treasury Department in diverse international organizations (OCDE, United Nations, GATT, UNCTAD, UNIDO, and in the European Space Agency).

Ex-president of the Administrative and Financial Committee of the International Olive Council.

Collaboration in numerous studies of economic policy and international economy in universities of the European Union.

It has taken part in diverse workshops in European universities.

Lectures in foreign Universities. In Germany in the Universities of Bonn, Cologne, Munich and Saarbrücken; in France in the University of Paris-Assas and in the University of York (United Kingdom).

In Spain the most recent conferences have been on the following topics:

International economy and Environment (University of Extremadura).

Socioeconomic consequences of the globalization in the XXI st century (University of Alcala de Henares).

Spain before the current international economic problems. (School of War. Madrid).

Guerrillas in the War of the Independence. University of Nebrija.


For his work as Financial Adviser in Paris he was granted the Cross of the Civil Merit.

Named Gentleman of the Legion of Honor at the proposal of the French Government, in recognition for the services given in the Conference on the International Economic cooperation.



International economy of the European socialistic countries. (Edition of the Doctoral Thesis) Publishing Planet. 1977.

Economic policy of Spain. (Collaboration) the Guadiana; several editions. 1980.

Economic history of the County of Castile. (Meeting of Castile and León) Palencia, 1995.

Hontoria del Pinar grove and its villages: History, Economy and Traditions. County council of Burgos. Burgos, 2002.

Economic aspects of the Globalization. In edition.

The guerrillas in the Pinares of Burgos and Soria during the War of the Independence. FUNDAMNU 2008.

Castile 1808. Stage play. Edited in DVD.2006.

Economic and military aspects of the County of Castile. FUNDAMU2008.

General economy and of the Public sector. CERSA. Madrid.2011

Spanish economy. CERSA.Madrid.2011

International economy. CERSA.Madrid.2011

Economy of the European Union. Madrid.2011

St Martin de Rubiales y el Empecinado. Historical stage play. Released. 2012


-Numerous articles about Economic policy, International Economy and History.

-At present he is a collaborator of the Magazine “Militia“.


Foreign Languages, he speaks German, English and French.

International Master in Organization of Events, Ceremonial and Protocol. International School of Protocol.
1994/1998 Management and Tools in Protocol and Public Relations.
Advanced Protocol Management. Presidency of the Government of Spain
Economic Intelligence and tools in Leadership.

Professional experience:

Act Honorary Responsible for Protocol of the National Unit of the University Militia in Spain. UNAMU
2015 / Act Professor at FESEI of Protocol.
2001/2003 Presidency of the Government of Spain. Member of the Organizing Committee of the Spanish Presidency for the European Union. Organization and development of the meetings of the European Council and the Councils of Ministers. Organization of diplomatic delegations. State Protocol.

Christian Hultner

Global business leader with 15+ years of executive and C-Level specializing in industrial manufacturing and services. Adept at aligning diverse subsidiaries and divisions under a cohesive strategic plan that drives profitability and market share growth. Strengths in defining and executing on strategic goals. Excellent relationship management and cross-cultural communication skills, with the demonstrated ability to build alliances and strategic links.

Global Business Strategy • Organizational Alignment • Internal Communications • Buy-In
Business Transformation • Change Management • Turnaround • Cost Reduction & Avoidance
Corporate Governance • B2B • Industrial Manufacturing & Services • Business with China
Globalization • Restructuring • M&A • Competitive Positioning • Disruptive Technologies.


Industrial Capital Partners


Industrial Capital Partners

 – actualidad (4 años 4 meses)London, Reino Unido

Vice Chairman

Fundación de Estudios Estratégicos e Internacionales

 – actualidad (5 años 6 meses)

Industrial Advisor

Advent International

 –  (7 años 4 meses)London, Reino Unido

Non-Executive Director

Element Six

 –  (2 años 1 mes)


Element Six

 –  (8 años 1 mes)London, Reino Unido



 –  (3 años 6 meses)Mónaco

Vice President

ABB Service

 –  (3 años 10 meses)

Manager Business Development

Landis & Gyr

 –  (2 años 4 meses)

Business Area Manager

ABB Robotics

 –  (3 años)Bruselas y alrededores, Bélgica

Lieutenant, Royal Swedish Navy

Swedish Armed Forces

 –  (1 año)Estocolmo, Suecia.

Reconocimientos y premios

Grant Recipient

Dr. Tech. Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for Education in International Industrial Entrepreneurship.

septiembre de 1989

Towards studies for MBA at Insead

Grant Recipient

Folke Westerberg Asea Fund

septiembre de 1989

Towards studies for MBA at Insead.



Competencia bilingüe o nativa


Competencia bilingüe o nativa


Competencia bilingüe o nativa


Competencia básica profesional


Competencia básica profesional



MBA, Business


Thanks to generous grants, made a profit going to business school.

Harvard Business School

YPO President’s Seminar, Business Administration


Uppsala University

MSc, Engineering Physics


Completed a 4.5 year degree in 3 years.

Kungliga Sjökrigsskolan – Royal Naval Academy

Lieutenant, Officer in the Navy Reserve, Military & Marine


Mario Hernández Sánchez Barba

Historian and professor born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on August 11, 1925.

Bachelor of Philosophy and Arts (History section), and Civil and Commercial Law Professor, University of Valencia.

In 1950 he moved to Madrid and got doctor’s degree on the Faculty of Humanities of the Central University, obtaining for its thesis the Extraordinary Award.


In Barcelona he deepened his studies. He traveled to Paris where he integrated into “ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes”.

He initiated his teaching career in the University of Madrid like assistant of practical classes in 1950. In 1973 he occupied the chair of Contemporary history of America in the Complutense University of Madrid. By cloister election, he was designated the director of the Department of History of America, which he continues to occupies from 1970, after been re-elected for the post.

He has written innumerable research works and books on Spanish-American topics.

Among them:

The commerce project between Texas and Louisiana (1950),

The peace of 1783 and the mission of Bernardo del Campo in London (1952),

Spanish, Russians and Englishmen in the North Pacific Ocean during the XVIIIth century,

Individualism and collectivism in the pacification of a periphery of American tension in the XVIIth century,

The States of America in the XIXth and XXth centuries (1959),

The Spanish-American Literature opposite to the problem of the isolation (1967),

Political forms in Latin America (1945-75),

Newspapers of trips and political writings of Francisco Miranda (1977),

Provincialism, regionalism, nationalism: an accumulative mentality in the crisis of the Spanish-American Independence (1981),

The Malvinas (Falklands) in the wake of the British imperialism, etc.


It is in possession of different awards:

Comendador in the Order of the Infante Don Enrique,

Comendador in the Order of Alfonso X the Wise

Comendador of the Aeronautical Merit of the First Class

Alejandro Verdejo Perdigón – Vice President of the Board





– Degree in Law.


– He freely practices his profession as a lawyer with more than 12 years of experience, in addition to having taught classes as a professor of Law in different subjects (Civil, Commercial, Administrative and International) within the Masters convened by the Foundation for Strategic and International Studies ( FESEI) in collaboration with different Universities during the last eight years (2009/2017).



– Officer (RVH) of the Army.

– I Introductory Course to NBC Defense for RV of the ET of the Officer category.

– Research Project on Management and Design of Maritime Administrations in developing riparian nations (UCA).

– Research Project on Maritime Safety (UCA).

– Diploma of attendance at the Marine Competition Course, awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in accordance with the official Maritime Occupational Training program of the Social Institute of the Navy.

– Diploma of attendance at the Sanitary Training Course, Level 1, awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in accordance with the official Maritime Occupational Training program of the Social Institute of the Navy.

– Diploma of attendance at the I Course on the Law of Sports and Recreation Nautical, organized by the Association of Maritime Law Researchers in collaboration with the Illustrious Bar Association of Cádiz.

– Diploma of attendance at the Course on Port Services, organized by the Association of Maritime Law Investigators in collaboration with the Illustrious Bar Association of Cádiz.

– Diploma of attendance at the Maritime Law Conference organized by the Malaga Bar Association.

– Diploma of attendance at the Conference on Real Estate Law organized by the Malaga Bar Association.

– Certification granted jointly by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies and the Spanish Association of Yacht Captains for the Civil Reserve for their participation in the II Conference on Security and Defense, held in Malaga.

– Manager of Social Economy Companies (Andalusian Federation of Associated Work Cooperative Companies).

Analyst and Consultant in International Law, International Relations, with training in Law, Political Science, Economics, Intelligence Analysis and New Technologies. Diplomatic preparation.


January 2014-Present

Analyst in International Relations.
Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (FESEI) – CEU. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.
Carrying out teaching tasks as a professor at the Foundation in the modules of International Relations, International Organizations, Geohistory and Development Cooperation, within the Master’s program in Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence. Performance of intelligence analysis tasks in matters related to the foundation’s activity, as well as work as a qualifying tribunal and tutorials for students of an orientation nature.

October 2007 – December 2013
Family Business Advisor and Manager.
Advisory work and family business management. ANTUMALAL S.L. Alicante

June 2005- August 2007 Advisory lawyer
Martínez Echevarría Pérez and Ferrero Abogados. Marbella.
Environmental analysis work and first implementation of activities of the Law firm abroad. Advice and management in Law Investments of foreign clients in Turkey (Consultant), Bulgaria (consultant) and Romania (Director)


September 2004-February 2005 Scholarship in the European Parliament.
European Parliament, DG II. Legal Affairs Commission.
Research tasks, advice and support to the Commission on legal issues of Community Law. Preparation of reports and supporting documents for MEPs.

J. M. T. R

Born in Granada in 1948, Admiral  joined the ENM in the year 1965, obtaining the sublieutenant’s rank in 1970 with extraordinary award for his Final Project. The main specialties of Admiral Treviño are Submarines and Communications, it also possesses several national and international courses including the Course of Naval War in Madrid, where it obtained the number one of its promotion, that of Joint EEMM and that of “BORN Defense College” in Rome.

Admiral Treviño has served as officer on board of several surface ships and submarine, such as the Rash destroyer (D-37) the rescue ship Poseidón (AS-01), the submarines Narcissus Monturiol (S-35), Cosme García (S-34) and Dolphin (S-61), serving for two years as second Commander of the Dolphin (S-62). During the years 1978/79 it sailed on board of the Training ship “Juan Sebastián Elcano“, in its fifth trip around the world as officer of Communications and English teacher.

It has had a whole of six commanding posts in the sea, including the Divers’ Unit of Measurements Against Mines (UBMCM) and the minesweeper Odiel (M-26) as Lieutenant, the submarine Porpoise (S-63) as commander lieutenant, the frigate Navarre (F-85) as commander, the Flotilla of Submarines as captain, and finally Commander of the Group of Projection of the Fleet and Commander of the Hispanic – Italian (SIAF) Amphibious Force as rear admiral. In the same employment it served also for one year as Chief of Staff of the Fleet.

Under his orders, the frigate FFG Navarre (F-85), took part in the Operation “Sharp Guard“ of the NATO and Western European Union, in the Adriatic Sea during the Yugoslavian conflict in 1995, assuming captain’s flag functions of COMSTANAVFORMED. In the summer 2003, ordering the amphibious Task Group that completed a deployment to the Persian Gulf and between other missions, transporting the Brigade of the Spanish Army “Plus Ultra”, to be deployed in Iraq.

He was also assigned to: the Division of Intelligence in the Joint staff in Madrid, Chief of the Section of Intelligence of the Naval Operative Control in the Headquarters of the Navy, Chief of the Base and the Director of the School of Submarines, the Director of the Technical Office of the Minister of Defence, as vice admiral, he was Chief of the Joint Staff of the Operational Headquarters of NATO in Lisbon, in the latter destination he took part in the only two activations of BORN Response Force, owing to the hurricane Katrina and the earthquake of Pakistan. In date September 22, 2006, he was promoted to admiral and renowned Military Representative of Spain before the Military committees of NATO and the European Union. On September 1, 2009 he became AJEMA adviser.


The awards of admiral Treviño include Gran Cruz de San Hermenegildo, Big Crosses of Naval and Air Merit, Comendador of the National Order of the Merit of the French Republic, Saber of Honor of the Republic of Argentina, NATO Medal, Medal of the UEO, a Cross of the Military Merit, four Crosses of Naval Merit, Medal of the Naval Week of Barcelona and Medal of the Naval Week of Santander between others.

He speaks fluently five languages, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It has realized studies of German and Arab

He likes playing tennis, cycling and motorbike, the reading of naval topics, especially the ones related to submarines and has written approximately 200 articles about professional topics with which he has received three awards in the General Magazine of the Navy.

Related specially with Security, Intelligence and Foreign issues


Military Naval school (1965-70) Rewarded Extraordinary career end project

Diploma of the Course of Naval staff (1989-90 and number 1 of his promotion)

Intelligence Analyst, Defense Intelligence College in Washington DC (1991)

Joint Intelligence Degree, EMACON (1991)

BORN Degree, Intelligence School in Ashford, Kent (1993)

Joint staff Degree (1992)

BORN Degree, Defense College in Rome (1994 and highest evaluation of the course)

Higher Command Course Degree of NATO in the The Hague (2005)

Intelligence Officer of the Submarines Flotilla (1984-85 and 1987-89)

Intelligence Division of the Joint staff (1990-94)

Chief of the Intelligence Section of the Naval Operative staff (1997-98)

Chief of Staff of NATO Operational Control in Lisbon (2003-2006)

Spanish Military representative in the Military Committees of NATO and European Union in Brussels (2006-2009)

M. A. C

General lieutenant of the Army and at present Chief of the UME. (Military unit of Emergencies).

Major general of the Army. Ex-Chief of Heavy Forces.

Teacher of Leadership. FESEI.

From its officer’s first work places he has been destined in operative units in narrow contact with the soldiers. After completion of the staff course, he occupied assignments in diverse Headquarters. More recently he has headed a Battalion, a Regiment and the Armored Brigade. He has a wide and rich experience in multinational operations taking part in five missions, the last one of them in the year 2011 as chief of the Multinational Brigade East of the UN mission in Lebanon.

He has completed his military education, with a Journalism Degree and that of Doctor on Information Sciences, in the Complutense University of Madrid. Also, he is qualified in High International Studies by SEI. He is an author of several books and of diverse articles published in magazines of Defense and Security, related mainly to the military and the leadership topics.

” Leader is the one that influences and convinces, which gives example with his/her acts, to which he/she listens and help others, which he/she respects and is respected, which does not collapse in the face of adversity, which commits himself/herself with his/her profession: take the complexes out from yourself! take decisions and you will begin being a leader“

Leadership and Military Management

The militia as other institutions has its own leadership style.

The military leader is capable of planning and leading operations in complex scenarios, its control skills and steadfastness at the time of taking decisions help facing risks, threats and conflicts with courage; its resilience allow him to overcome the adversities that appear before him.

Some of the reasons of his/her success, are the values in which its profession is based and fulfilling all its assignments under the sense of the ethics. A parallelism exists between the military values and the managerial ones, the good leader can establish symbiosis between them, which undoubtedly will be profitable for all.


To explain to the participants, the vision and the model of military leadership. To contribute to improve their skills in the world of the leadership.

To analyze the keys factors that make an institution great: values, persons, teams, Joint staffs, spirit of Unit.

Study the actions of planning and preparation of the personnel for its intervention in conflict zone.

Learned lessons and its application in the business world.

A. T. B

Ex-second Chief of the Staff of the Navy and of NATO Marine Control in South Europe.

Admiral Tafalla was born in Madrid in 1944 and joined the Navy in June, 1961. He was promoted to the Sub lieutenant’s rank in 1966.

He has served on board of the destroyer “Oquendo“; in the frigate “Legazpi“ and in the destroyer “Blas de Lezo“. He has ordered the patrol craft “Alsedo“, the frigate “Catalonia“ and the AOR “Patiño”. He also has been part of the staff of the Navy and the Fleet. He was a Chief of Orders of the Escort of the Air-sea Group.

He has been assigned for three years in the Naval Attaché in Washington, DC. For two years he has been a teacher of the Military Naval School of Marín. (Pontevedra).

In December, 1982 he graduated in the Naval Staff College of Newport, RI.

He has Staff degree, with specialization in Communications and air-traffic control.

As Rear admiral, he has been a Chief of the Division of Plans of the Joint staff. In December, 1998 he was assigned as Representative of the Spanish Military Mission in SACLANT and in accordance with the decision of the Spanish Government, in September, 1999 he was designated as Personnel manager and Logistics of the above mentioned staff in Norfolk (GO) with Vice admiral’s rank.

In July, 2001 he returned to Spain after been nominated Second Chief of Staff of the Navy, position he occupied until May 24, 2004.

May 24, 2004 he was nominated Second Commander of the Naval Component for the Control of the South Region of Europe in Naples.

18/07/07 went to the reserve, halting his duty as second commander of the MCC Naples on 31/08/07.

Admiral Tafalla has been awarded six medals of the Naval Merit, one of the Aeronautical Merit and the big crosses of San Hermenegildo and that of the Military Merit.

After his retirement, he usually collaborates on international security and defense topics in press, radio and television.

M. A. B

Collaborating teacher of FESEI.

Brigadier general of Artillery.

The general Director of the Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies (CESEDEN-Defense Department).

Staff degree by the Minister of Defense.

Operational research degree in the University of Valencia.

He has given more than 300 conferences in numerous Spanish Universities, as well as in Royal Collège of the Défense in Brussels (Belgium), in Collège Interarmées of Défense in Paris (France), in the School of War of the Brazilian Marina in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

He has taken part, as speaker in the Security Institute of the EU (Paris), in the University of the Bosphorus of Istanbul, in Santiago de Chile, in the 1er Simposium on Security in Africa celebrated in Marrakesh, in the Carolina University (Prague)and in the Defense Department of Ecuador (2011).

Inaugural lesson in the official opening of the academic course 2008/2009 Pontifical University of Salamanca (Campus of Madrid) Madrid, 2008.

In July, 2010 he was the lecturer invited for the commemorative acts of the day of the Citadel in Segovia . He is an author of 25 collective books and monographs, as well as of numerous articles published in specialized magazines and newspapers like El Pais and ABC.


J.R.   U.C.1  Intel.  GC

Comm. Of the Special Central Unit, Intel. GC Interior Ministry.


J. M. L. B

Colonel. Since the very beginning as an officer, he has been assigned to operative units, as Lieutenant and Captain of the Special Operations Units of and also as Commander and Lieutenant colonel in Logistic Units. Always related to security topics, he has been security Chief of different garrisons. He has multinational experience, having taken part in three missions in Bosnia and Kosovo.

He has completed his military formation with the Training course in Civil defense and the Top Course of the Security Director.


Special Operations Company nº 61.

Group of Special Operations nº V

Mountain Chasers regiment “Arapiles nº 62”.

Logistic group of the DIMZ.

Military courses

Control of Units of Special Operations.

Paratroops Units command.

Civic-military Cooperation course.

Civil courses

Training course in Civil defense by the National School of Civil defense.

Security Director Top course in the University Camilo Jose Cela.

Languages: English.

P. S. H

Lieutenant colonel of Infantry, staff diploma

Doctor of Peace and International security.


Occupational training



2000-2002 SCHOOL OF WAR OF THE ARMY AND TOP CENTER OF STUDIES OF THE DEFENSE, (MADRID), Course of staff of the Armed forces.


2005-2010 UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE “GENERAL GUTIÉRREZ MELLADO” (UNED), Got doctor’s degree on Peace and International security.


Work experience




Center of Higher education of the Defense (CESEDEN)


Priority analysis areas:


Russia and post-soviet space


Missions of Peace

MAR.11 – In September 14 “TERCIO GRAN CAPTAIN” Spanish Legion (Melilla)


Position held:


Lieutenant colonel (Chief of the Iª Bandera).



Department of Strategy.


Strategy and Current World.

History of the Military Art and Thinking.

Current conflicts in the University Carlos III (Madrid).




Department of Operations.


Method of operations planning.

Combat function maneuvers and military operations in the current environment.

Current conflicts in the University Carlos III (Madrid).


IN APRIL 92-DIC 00 “TERCIO ALEJANDRO FARNESIO” Spanish Legion. Ronda (Malaga)  


Position held:


Captain (Chief of Xª Bandera).

Captain (Chief 2nd Rifle Company, Xª Bandera).

Lieutenant (Chief of reconnaissance section, Xª Bandera).


IN JULY 89-ABR “TERCIO DUQUE DE ALBA” Spanish Legion. (Ceuta)


Position held:


Lieutenant Chief of IIIª Rifle Section, IVª Bandera.


Main specialization courses



Course of Officer Specialist in Tanks. Academy of Infantry.

Command of Parachutist Units. Military school of Parachuting.

Officer Specialist in Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical Defense. Military school of NBQ Defense.

Course of Inter-force Cooperation. School of War of the Ground Forces.

Course of Pedagogic Aptitude. Military school of Educational sciences.

Civic course of Military Cooperation. School of War of the Ground Forces.

Missions of Peace Observers’ course. School of War of the Ground Forces.

Course of International law of the Armed Conflicts. Academy of Infantry.

Course of staff of the Armed forces. Center of Higher education of the Defense.

Missions of Peace Course . School of War of the Ground Forces.



Course of Protection to the Victims of the Armed Conflicts. National university of Education at Distance.

Course Expert’s in Management and Prevention of International Crises. Institute of International Studies Francisco de Vitoria (University Carlos III).

Course of Creative Leadership. Institute for the Development of the Creativity.

Program of Leadership for the Public Management. IESE Business School, University of Navarre.

Strategy in the Public Management. IESE Business School, University of Navarre.

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA). University at Distance. University institute “General Gutiérrez Mellado“ (UNED).

Doctorate in Peace and International security, with the Thesis “Missions of Peace in the Environment of Current Safety. Special consideration of the Balkan Environment and the Middle East” in the University Institute “General Gutiérrez Mellado” (UNED).



English SLP

French SLP


International experience


1993 UNPROFOR (protection Force of United Nations) Bosnia and Herzegovina

1997 Alba operation (Force of Multinational Protection, OSCE) Albania

2000 GTRES KFOR (Tactical Group of Operational Reserves, NATO Forces in Kosovo) Kosovo.



BOOKS (coauthor)


Technical manual, Mechanical Mule MT6-009 1996

Orientations civic – Military Cooperation OR5-018 2007

Counter-insurgency PD3-301 2008

At present, he is included in the Group of Work that writes the Doctrinal Publication Leadership

The Lebanese Conflict. Collection Contemporary International conflicts, nº 11, Ministry of Defense – institute of International and European Studies Francisco Vitoria, 2009.

The Palestinian Conflict II. Collection Contemporary International conflicts, Nº 16, Ministry of Defense – Institute of International and European Studies Francisco Vitoria, 2012.




Baghdad: new Stalingrad?. Magazine Army, nº 754, January – February, 2004.

Reflections on Urban Combat. Magazine Army, nº 776, November, 2005.

New threats, new solutions?. Magazine Army, nº 783, June, 2006.

Iran: The new intersection?. Magazine Army, nº 789, December, 2006.

Lebanon: Old enemies, new procedures?. Magazine Army, nº 792, April, 2007.

Fourth Generation Warfare. The solution: Technology?. Magazine Army, nº 799, November, 2007.

Fourth Generation Warfare and Networks. Magazine Army, nº 812, November, 2008.

Pakistan: An unstable mosaic in a complex environment. Magazine Atenea, nº 5, April, 2009.

Lebanon The omnipresent war. Magazine Atenea. Nº 6, May, 2009.

Fourth Generation Warfare: Its environment. Magazine Army, nº 821, September, 2009.

The Goal: The Ends and not the Means in the Document “Leadership, the value of the intangible”, Army Covers nº 829, in May, 2010.

Fourth Generation Warfare: do the war principles change?. Magazine Army, nº 839, March, 2011.

The Middle East Crisis: Yes, We Can?. Magazine Army, nº 848, November, 2011.

A Brilliant Future: Center of Excellency in the Document “10 years of the Army School of War”, Army Covers nº 853, in April, 2012.

Wales: New NATO summit or NATO again in the summit? Analysis Document , Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies 52/2014, on October 08, 2014.

The New Hybrid War: A Brief Strategic Analysis. Analysis Document, Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies 54/2014, on October 29, 2014.




The Resources Conflicts within The Armed forces Challenges in the XXIst Century, Carlos de Cueto Nogueras (coordinator), Granada 2008.

The Armed forces and the Operations of Stabilization: For what, why and how many? in Two decades of Cold Postwar period, Volume I, Fernando Amérigo Cuervo-Arango and Julio de Peñaranda Algar (compilers), Madrid, 2009.

The French Revolution and the Rupture of the Eighteenth Century Warfare Model in The War of the Spanish Independence: A Military Vision, Volume I, Madrid, 2009.

The Operations of Stabilization in an Post-Westfalian Environment : Certainties or Paradoxes? In Lights and Shades of the International security at the beginning of the XXIst Century, Miguel Requena (publisher), I Take I, Madrid, 2010.

The Natural resources: Scarcity and a Conflict Reason within Climate change and Global Security process, Document CITpax nº 12, Madrid, 2010.

“Un Guerrero Tuvo un Día un Sueño”  I Contest “Captain Alfaya“, Foundation Gaselec (Publisher), Melilla, 2013.


General areas of Work and Investigation


Conflicts in the Eurasian block, with special attention to Russia and post-soviet space, the Balkans and Middle East.

World’s Security Environment and the influence of the globalization.

Armed conflicts Typology and evolution.

Peace operations: genesis and praxis.

Conflicts, special focus on the resource conflicts.

Employment of the military tool in the international relations.

International Security and Defense Organizations: NATO




Professor of the University Institute “General Gutiérrez Mellado“.

Professor at University Carlos III, Madrid

Collaborations with Universities, like:

The University of Extremadura (Campus of Caceres)

San Pablo CEU (Madrid)

University of Seville (Campus of Osuna)

King Juan Carlos (Madrid)

Lecturer in different centers, civil and military, like:


General Military Academy (Saragossa)

Cavalry Academy (Valladolid)

Infantry Academy (Toledo)

Group of Schools of the Defense (Madrid)

Naval Infantry School (Cartagena)

International center Toledo for the Peace (Madrid)

Chair “General Marina“ (Melilla)



Army Magazine third prize 2006.

Fernando Moreno Liso

Naval Engineer, graduated in Administration and Business management.

International expert on Technological Security and Information Storage Systems. Specialist on Information Security for the National Cryptologic Center (CCN) and Intelligence National Center (CNI).

AENOR Certificate, Audit of Information Security Management System.

Member of diverse recognized Institutions on a global scale:

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

Expert of the Program EU Information Society, ICT Policy Support.

Expert consultant of the European Consulting Network. Member of the PMI (Project Management Institute) and of the ITSMF (Information Technology Service Management Forum).

At present he works as consulting specialist, adviser for the TIC strategies development and security auditor and centers of critical mission.

Additionally he writes articles and reports for specialized magazines and European organizations on the subject of technology and economy.

J. B. M. CNP

National police corps chief constable



Executive scale (1982-2010):

Joined the Police officers Top Body

Inspector. December, 1982

Promoted to Governing Chief. July, 1997

Top scale (2010)

Promoted to Chief Constable, December of 2010




Terrorism investigator: ETA, GRAPO, Terra Lliure.

Chief of International Terrorism Section.

Section chief in the field of Special Systems.

Chief of the Analysis Service of Jihadist Terrorism (National Center of Antiterrorist Coordination – CNCA-).

Coordinating analyst section of international terrorism and violent extremism.

Chief of district police stations (Seville)

Chief of Provincial Information Brigade (Seville)

Chief of Brigade on International terrorism and Counter proliferation.

Chief of Brigade in Intelligence Unit.




Degree in Criminology (University King Juan Carlos).

Top Degree in Criminology (University of Barcelona).

LX Top course of High International Studies of the Society of International Studies. “The international relations of the 21st Century: Conflicts and Diplomacy, development and peace, globalization and environment”

University Top course on the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism (University King Juan Carlos).



I Course on Terrorism organized by the Complutense University (Madrid).

Workshop on New Forms of International Terrorism organized by the Center Queen Sophia for the Study of the Violence. Chair Santiago Grisolía (Valencia).

Course of Analysis given by the USA Government.

Course of analytical Instruction given by the USA Government.

Workshop on Religious Extremism given by the Institute of Strategic Sciences of Cairo (Egypt)

Antiterrorist seminar given by the European Police School -CEPOL

Workshop on humanitarian International law (Spanish Red Cross).

I Course on the Development of infrastructure of spatial information in Spain. UE “Inspires” Project (National School of Civil defense)

Iº Course on international Terrorism.

VIIº Course on Information Upgrading.

Arms trafficking, defense and double use material.

Proliferation and technology Protection

workshop on Judicial police given by the Center of Judicial Studies of the Mº of Justice.

Workshop on Expeditious Trials and Penal code Reforms.

TEDAX-NRBQ Level of intervention

Program 2000 Commanding of Units Teams



Speaker in the workshop “Violent organized crime: A threat against the democratic governance model” organized by the AECID in the city of Antigua (Guatemala).

Leader of the “Project of twinning with Bosnia Herzegovina” sponsored by the European Union.

Speaker in the Master’s degree on Analysis and Prevention of the Terrorism organized by the University King Juan Carlos.

Speaker in II International Congress of Islamic law and Inter culture of the University of Saragossa.

Coordinator of the Course “Violent Radicalism” and analysis of the information given in Dakar (Senegal) from November 19 until November 23, 2012, for the Police, Gendarmerie and Security Agency of Senegal, within the UE General Program of Cooperation and International Technical Assistance.

Numerous conferences in the Division of formation of the CNP on international terrorism

Workshop in the Civil Guard School of Specialization on “strategic analysis in Islamist terrorism “ V seminars on Islamist terrorism for personnel of the State’s security forces.

Conference in Vth, VI and VII promotion course to Governing Chief in the Upgrading Center of the CNP, on international terrorism and Islamist fundamentalism.

Diverse conferences on indigenous terrorism in the Formation Division of the CNP

Workshop on investigation and information techniques for police officers and Latin-American district attorneys

Conference in the special seminar on kidnappings

Workshop on investigation techniques for the Information Division.

Conference on proliferation and technology protection



Red Cross to the Police Merit (2)

White Cross to the Police Merit (1)

Public congratulations (100)



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Miguel Álvarez de Eulate y Moreno

Bachelor of Political sciences and Sociology. Specialty: International politics and International relations.

Degree in Managerial Management CEOE. In collaboration with ESIC, CEU and ICADE.

Official Voluntary Reservist. Destination unit: Department of Organization and Strategy. Functions: Studies and Strategic Analyses of conflicts. Top Intelligence Course for officers.

Master’s degree Executive MBA. Business management. Specialty in Logistic companies management. Business school. University Antonio de Nebrija. Madrid.

University master’s degree in Security and Defense. Faculty of Economic and Managerial Sciences. Complutense University of Madrid. Top center of Studies of the National defense. CESEDEN.


University expert in Logistics, Transports and Direction of Operations. Faculty of Economic and Managerial Sciences. UNED.


ERASMUS scholarship. Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences of Tours (France).Education postgraduate course. Studies on administration and business management, marketing, foreign trade and international relations.


Degree in European Union. Foreign and Security policy.

University Francisco de Vitoria.

Spanish institute of Strategic Studies. Defense Department.


Course of Introduction to NBQ defense for officers.

Military school of NBQ Defense. Spanish Army.


Management and Development of Renewable Energies Course.

Logistic sector implementation. Cost optimization, storage and distribution. European Union. “Leadership and Motivation of Teams” studies. Management Center St. Gallent. Switzerland.



Spanish: Mother tongue – French: Bilingual. English and German.



Design of New Strategies before the Globalization, Complutense University of Madrid. Faculty of Economic and Managerial Sciences. Department of Applied Economy.


Geopolitical analysis and managerial globalization.

Editions Fiec. Collection Organization of Companies. University Antonio de Nebrija.


ECO-LOG. Creation of Efficient Logistic Centers.

MBA. Executive. Business plan. University Antonio de Nebrija. Madrid.

Business school. Final note: Outstanding performance.


Review Opposition Diplomatic Career programme: International law, General Economy and that of the Public sector, International Economy, International relations, EU.


Different articles and research works in the frame of its activity and teaching direction. Universities: Francisco de Vitoria, University Pontificia of Salamanca and University Camilo José Cela.



SAP R/3. ILOS (International Logistics Operation System) SAP BUSINESS ONE.


TRAJECTORY AND EXPERIENCE PROFESIONAL: Founder, Employer and Director-general of the Foundation of Strategic and International Studies (FESEI) and of the specializing institutions: School of High Strategic and International Studies and the Statesmen’s School. Institutions dedicated to the high education; diplomatic preparation, leadership and economic, managerial and competitive intelligence.

Institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education Culture and Sport.

Academic Director of the Master’s degree in Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence: Intelligence Analyst Officer, University CEU Abat Oliba in collaboration with the Defense and Interior Ministry.

The Foundation of Strategic has collaborated with different universities, both national and foreign, specifically in the last 10 years with the UFV, UPSAM, UCJC, in Israel, University of Haifa University of Jerusalem and Herzliya, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel , and the Defense Ministry (School of War and CESEDEN)

At present the Foundation collaborates with the Minister of Internal Affairs cabinet(ME) in the achievement of studies of prospective intelligence.

He has worked and collaborated in high education and teaching of Intelligence with members and high officials of different Armed forces as well as Securities force’s internal and external Intelligence.


In 1999 begin working in the intelligence sphere in different intelligence areas . He worked in different European countries (France, England, Denmark, Germany, Italy) Asia (China, South Korea and Taiwan) and Latin America (Venezuela, Mexico, Panama) and the USA.

He completed internships in the European Parliament and the Embassy of Spain in Germany.

He graduated in Politics, RIII and Managerial, MBA, Intelligence Analyst officer specializing in political analysis and international economy.

He has published articles in areas of diplomacy, leadership and intelligence.


Collaborators of the Foundation

José Luis Díez Juárez


Foreign policy Headquarters for Latin America

Luis Melgar Valero

Assistant general director of Public Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Diplomat in the DG of Exterior Communication in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Christian Hultner

  • MBA Insead, MSc Engineering Physics. CEO during 8 years of Element Six, global leader in super materials, including synthetic diamond. More than 20 years of experience of global industrial business.

José Ramón García Hernández

  • Diplomat. Ex-Assistant general director of the Diplomatic School. At present responsible for RRII.

Felipe Quero Rodiles

Major general and Writer.

International expert in Security, Strategy and Defense

José Luis Goberna Caride

  • Brigadier general. Assistant director of Network Operations.

Jesús de Miguel Sebastián

Colonel, Director of the Geo-strategy and Organization Department. School of War.

Defense Department. At present Military Attache in the Embassy of Spain in Mexico.

Mario Laborie Iglesias

Colonel, Assistant director of the School of War.

Director of EGET studies. Defense Department

Ángel Gómez de Agreda

Lieutenant colonel. Teacher ESFAS. CESEDEN. Defense Department.

Francisco Martinez Vázquez

  • Commander – ESFAS Professor. CESEDEN. Defense Department.

Roberto del Navío Lorenzo

Treasury Ministry Inspector

Customs ex-Assistant general director for International Affairs, and ex-Representative of Spain in the World Customs Organization.

Arturo Vinuesa Parral

Colonel and Doctor of Political sciences

Ex-Attache of Defense in the Embassy of Spain in Baghdad, Iraq

María Rosa Boceta

  • Ambassador.