7 November, 2016


The concept “asymmetric war” is becoming increasingly popular in the security, defense and intelligence areas.

This concept tries to define the new threat which multitude of societies faces in the whole world: the conflict between the traditional agents or actors of the international scene, on the one hand, and the violent irregular groups for other.

If to this definition, seemingly aseptic, we add that the target of the “new violent actors” is to sow terror between us, and the reason for which they get the appellative one of “terrorists“: If we understand that the globalization has turned any small group which is radical, extremist or fanatic, in a potential threat for all, then we will understand that our world faces a present and future challenge to its safety where terror could strike at any place and to any nation. The worry and the challenge that represents the terrorism in our modern societies, whichever be the face that it adopts, must take us to a wide and very serious reflection on three aspects:

In the Master Course we will study firstly the terrorist phenomenon in itself from its ideological, religious, political and economic – sides. To understand why and by whom we are attacked is the first step towards building a security and defense awareness. Secondly, it is necessary to wonder ourselves for the geographical areas that it occupies, its methods and leaders, its forms of financing and its modus operandi; we will investigate in depth from the groups of narco-terrorists of the Sahel up to the called “micro terrorism” that now the population of the EU endures. Finally, and along our practical magisterial and numerous lectures, the students will be able to help and be helped in the main thing: the search solutions for this problem, which not only puts in risk the survival of our societies, but it defies us in our own humanity.