7 November, 2016


Geohistory is a historical science created by the great French historian Fernand Braudel, which is focused on the study of the dynamics between a society of the past and the geographical structure that sustains it, within the Annales school.

During the geo history classes, developed by the History professor Mr. Mario Hernández Sánchez-Barba, we will penetrate in the relation that exists between the historical time and the big geographical spaces. On the one hand, the concept of “long run” (long time) allows us to contemplate the historical events inside a wide temporary context, like incardinated succession of nexuses between them, and that project its influence (or even to themselves) up to the same current times. On the other hand, the big geographical spaces will serve like linen on which to plan the big geopolitical lines, which include the economic, political, demographic and commercial movements, in addition to the historical ones. We will analyze the present with a retrospective view, wondering ourselves about the deepest causes of the current events, interpreting the character and the ideas of the main international and national actors (either leaders, peoples, companies or nations) and reaching conclusions for the future.

Our future analysts will be able to evaluate, with especially practical and dynamic classes, which historical path events have set out the guidelines of the present time. This way, working like “history analysts”, the students will develop its critical capability, as well as that of analysis and of information extraction in current sources. They will also be able to put it into practice in a constant way. We think that the knowledge of the history is essential for an intelligence analyst, something all our students aspire to become to.