10 March, 2021

Meeting with Kazajstan´s Ambassador

Meeting with Kazajstan´s Ambassador

Yesterday, on March 9, at  the Embassy  of the Republic of Kazajstan, H.E. Mr. Konstantin Zhigalov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazajstan to Spain, and Mr. Rakhman Yessengulov, Third Secretary  at the Embassy of Kazajstan, welcomed  the Director  and some members of  FESEI.

In the course of  that  nice meeting,  several interesting topics were discussed, such as the organisation of a conference of H.E. Ambassador Zhigalov and future  cooperation with institutions, think tanks, organisations and diplomatic centers in Kazajstan.

Moreover, the participants had the chance to discuss  possible  field trips to Kazajstan, and  ways of stimulating the cooperation between Kazajstan and Spain.

FESEI thanks H. E. Ambassador Zhigalov  for his warm welcome and wise conversation.