7 November, 2016

Strategic Intelligence

Along the Master’s degree, the future intelligence analyst will complete different simulations and intelligence field works in three fundamental levels: Strategic, Operational and Tactical, acquiring this way a wide knowledge of the whole Cycle of Intelligence, as well as writing skills regarding intelligence reports and informative notes. This way the student will develop leadership, motivation and direction of intelligence team skills, all of it essential for the intelligence analyst.

Our professors are Intelligence professionals with a wide experience in international missions, methodology and skills of intelligence, being the current instructors of our Armed Forces officers in the field of Intelligence.

At operational and tactical level, the students will complete field tests, studying in depth the skills of obtaining information and interviews, since we understand field experience essential for the intelligence analyst; the theoretical formation, eminently practical, at strategic level, is widened with analysis in prospective strategic intelligence.

The long term scenario analysis, taking into account variables and actors, together with the methodology, instruments and hardware of analysis complete the high education of the future intelligence analyst.