7 November, 2016


In a world of increasing complexity and multi polarity, the subjects and actors who operate in the current world stage find more and more necessary to build instruments to manage its interests as well as its differences. The science of the diplomacy includes a big part of these instruments, essential to be able to decipher the international language of power, under the surveillance of the international law and that of the Organizations that fulfill an essential role.

Beyond the exclusive use of the military power, nowadays the nations also need to build bridges of understanding, such as the public, economic, commercial or cultural diplomacy, in order to develop a bigger prosperity both at home and in the international field.

FESEI (Foundation of Strategical and International Studies) puts at the disposal of its students, diplomatic experts of different missions of the diplomatic corps, lectures (teaching method), conferences, field trips, academic programs and international internships directed, mainly, to obtain knowledge of the real world and engaging on hands-on analysis using prospective intelligence techniques, identifying the key aspects of the diplomatic science of today and of the future.