7 November, 2016


The presence of people capable of providing leadership in our organizations, is not only a need by itself but a topic that arises a lot of interest today. Within a leader, there are many human qualities. Along history we find leaders who were transformers, reformers, public servants or creators of new societies. Only through the strength that provides the culture, the education, and the spontaneity, the big leaderships can arise in difficult moments; its ability to generate adherence, illusion and enthusiasm around its person is the leader’s key difference. The circumstances of present times should promote the importance of the leadership based on values. The rapid and intensive evolution of the events, the permanent and constant change, in addition to the uncertainty regarding the future, makes increasingly necessary a clear future vision. The work of a leader should be to define the aims that need to be reached and the path to follow to achieve them, as well as to design the strategy in its short, medium and long term and resource planning.

There is no secret formula for the leadership. Contrary to what many books, magazines and theoretical works, to turn into a good leader is a vital project that is nourished of our knowledge and of our education, effort and steadfastness, but also of the experience we acquire year by year. To systematize the leadership across formulae, tricks and advices are simple and not very useful, since the leadership, like life itself, is made of experiences (good and bad) and it is built in the leader’s character and skills in order to overcome all the obstacles. In this sense, the leader creates a personal and non-transferable project, but to which a finished theoretical and practical formation must be added. We can affirm, then, that around the leader are gathered together the best human qualities and the best skills.

Leadership is an art, and like any kind of art, it needs workmanship, practice and experience, in addition to real vocation and inspiration towards the creativity. This inspiration comes as a result of experience, dedication, enthusiasm, steadfastness and discipline.

We cheer up all the students of our Master’s degree and members of our Foundation to keep improving its education constantly, to think and to act (thought and action) following the way of leadership based on values, fulfilling the mission, reaching and even overcoming all the proposed goals.